Assessment day for a job...

    Hi all,

    Applied for a position and now been invited for an assessment day, anyone have any tips for me on what to expect?

    Never been to an assessment day before, in the past ive just had interviews!

    Rep for help!



    You will probably find a session about the company then the rest of the time break out groups carrying out tasks to see how you work as a team member and if you have any supervisory qualities...
    Nothing too dreadful, enjoy it and be willing to join in with everything and dont be afraid to try and add something to anything you are involved in


    I hate these interviews. If I was invited to one I would decline and state why.

    I've done this a couple of times and when i did it was a morning of tests (maths, problem solving, belbin type thing), and an afternoon of interviews (one technical one personnell). It was fine and i got the job, hooray.

    Go along, relax, enjoy and hope you are successful.

    Good luck.

    I feel for you mate I was kind of dreading couple of presentations at uni tomorrow they don't feel quite as daunting now.

    I'm really not looking forward to all the job interviews next year.:?

    Original Poster

    cheers everyone for your advice.

    i know theyre horrible but I think i'll be ok.

    Remember these are used as Psychometric testing to see if you are a "company" person. They are seeing if you fit in - but it is also a way of you seeing what the co is like face-to-face.

    They also look to see if you are:

    Team Player


    Yeah and they judge you as soon as you arrive, so expect lots of people to be overly doing the introductions. I've got one in August dreading it, I might down a few before turning up ;-)
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