Assessment Days, Any tips??

    I'm going for an assessment day with a pretty big company on Thursday, I've never been to one before but this is what I've been told will happen on the day:

    Face to face interview
    Telephone Role Play
    2 X English + Maths tests

    Any tips on what to expect?

    I've got no idea what the role play will consist of and I'm getting a bit nervous about it

    Cheers all



    Be yourself, be honest and try to relax.

    I have done one of these. The role play is usually by a professional actor who will try to complain or have some query with you. Think of all the scenario's this could be, and try to answer as professionally as you can. You may get nervous, repeat things and stumble over your words but don't worry as that's what most people do! They expect it!!

    Good luck..

    Brush up on your maths

    On a role play there is normally a problem that needs a solution. Or if there is no solution what you are going to do to look into it. Whatever it is its always a good point to say ill take your details and get back to you to make sure you are happy. It shows you won't just sort the problem out but give the best customer service. Hope this helps

    who is it with?

    Original Poster


    who is it with?

    money supermarket

    thanks for all your help guys.

    make sure you do your homework on the company so they know you are interested...

    Original Poster

    just got back from my assessment day and it went really well, will report back to say whether i got the position or not, should find out within a week!
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