Assign macro to retrieve specific text from clipboard..?

    I'm wondering if there's a clever way for me to assign a macro (e.g. CTRL + F12) to 'retrieve' specific text.

    I have several things that I find I'm typing often, e.g. email address / postal addresses .. etc.
    Getting my browser to remember them is very website specific I find.

    any clever ideas out there?


    They're called Clipboards, I've never tried them so i can't recommend any i'm afraid.



    Install Google Toolbar, it has that functionality built in.

    Clipx is amazing (free) and highly custoimisable (launch from a hot-key, extra plug-ins)

    If it's things like like e-mail and address then your browser may be able to remember them itself, I know Opera will.



    best form filler on the market

    free version has a feature called safenotes where you can put text in for later retrieval
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