Found 16th Mar 2011
Hi Guys - ive been into my town today and think ive sourced a deal im going to go through with - BUT id like to know if anyone thinks they know of a better deal out there than what im abouts to pay before i go ahead with it...

Ive attached the link but basically im looking to buy a leather suite - it has to be black and we require a 2 seater sofa and 2 x leather chairs - we also want them to be recliners.
Anyway with the above in mind ive been into a local branch called "Walmsleys" and they have a range called "Parkway" -(please browse the link attached).
The total cost of the 2 seater should be £449.95 plus 2 recliners at £299.95 each equals around £1050....the guy in the shop says the range is now discontinued so he says because they still have access to them he can allow me the set at £900, saving £150 on the original cost price.

Now i know this is a saving but im always on the lookout for a great deal and this deal seem decent but not great.... i asked if he could go to £800 (based on the fact it was a discontinued range) and after checking with his manager he said it wasnt possible.

My thoughts are now to leave it a few days in the hope he calls me back and says "ok, we can allow for £800" - however this may not happen !!!!

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don't know if this is any help but they are cheaper than your prices up above

did you ring the guy i gave you? he has some nice recliner suites in the paper this week. and the sofa's redfang55 posted are really nice

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Excellent mate - god this site HOTUKDEALS is good.

Thanks for your assistance will have a browse over what they have on the link.

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I didnt call them today im going to give them a buzz on Friday - the more competition/deals out there the better for me so all your help is greatly appreciated.


did you ring the guy i gave you? he has some nice recliner suites in the … did you ring the guy i gave you? he has some nice recliner suites in the paper this week. and the sofa's redfang55 posted are really nice

some advice stay clear of new companies (8 years est or less) we bought a suite and recliners from land of leather and also paid for warranty, now the company has gone so paid £250 for warranty for nothing and even if it did not go bust apparently in their t &C you cant make a claim for warranty so they were taken to caught and fined 210k or 210m cant remember anyway after finding out if i could do anything about my sofas i noticed its a scam all new furniture stores do, they advertise like crazy and decent prices, and they sell warranties like mad then they go into administration then company goes bust so no customers can claim but after all this with the money they have they open up new stores with a different name but same company so you cant claim, this is what land of leathers done and they have been est 1997 and bust in 09 i think anyw if you google you will find everything, btw if i were you i wouldnt buy additional warranty because after our third pair of leather sofas i would say, after calling them in they just make the sofas look good but it doesnt last long so save the money for a new pair

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Right please can you help me here because heres my 2 current considerations.....
1 - buy the said deal i quoted above from "Walmsleys" - the price is £900 for the "Parkway" range of 2 x leather recliner chairs and 2 seater recliner sofa..............or
2. I have seen a deal that looks almost too good to be true - argos have a range called "phoneix" - and it appears there is a special voucher on ukhotdeals that gets you £100 off the price and this makes it even cheaper - but im waiting to find out it this deal is still on.

Now based on the scenario the argos deal is much cheaper but can i be sure its worth going for the cheaper alternative in argos???

Lol its **** sofa , just buy the 1 you like.

argos are pretty good these days, they offer a good warranty too, someone already said they've bought one from there and they are great

Argos! Never Again! i bought some from argos & they are the worst thing i have bought to date! 2nd day, one of the seats sunk down, we also bought the extended warranty like idiots! called them out & the man turned the sofa over so you could see underneith then told us there;s nothing he could do it's not a structal defect! we are now looking to buy some more but quality one's this time, pref italian leather from a reputable sofa shop, my advice spend a little bit more, they will last years
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