Assistance: Creating a DVD from Xvid files

    Hi I have got an entire TV series on my secondary HDD which I'd like to create in to dvd format, they are in Xvid format and avg 500mb per episode.

    When I go in to create a movie on nero (think thats the option I usually select), and I Add one 500mb file to the dvd I want to create, it for some reason makes that one 500mb file in to a 3.5+gb file.

    can anyone help I was wanting to put these on to at the most 2 Double layer DVD's (8.5gb). Not a huge requirement to get it on so few discs but surely its do-able with only 5.5gb of content, even after adding menu's and pictures I should be able to stretch to 2 discs.

    This is for a friend who doesn't get much time on the family pc to be able to do this for himself.

    thanks :santa:


    Do they have a dvd player that can play xvid? If so you can drag and drop. If not i think the only option is for it to convert to a dvd format which increases the size by alot

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    i doubt he has xvid player

    If you have WinAvi you can batch file convert to 'One DVD - Seperate Titles'.

    I don't know how many episodes you would get on each DVD though as converting Xvid to vob. files will increase the size

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    The file names are xxxxxxxxxxxx.HDTV.XviD-LOL.avi so they are avi files.

    haven't got WinAvi, can I mess with this and make menus and background pics and the likes

    WinAvi has an option to auto create a menu but the only option you get is the chapter length.

    Converting avi. files to vob. will still increase the file size

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    thinking about giving dvd santa ago...

    does winavi change a 349mb file to a 3gb file, just seems a bit of a huge conversion (shakes fist at nero)

    If you are using Nero, use the Nero Vision part.

    Go to 'What Do You Want To Do' - @Make DVD' - 'DVD Video' - 'Add Video Files'

    You will be able to add more than 1 file.

    You will have to experiment on how many episodes it can get on each disc (remember to set the option at the bottom right to DVD 9 if you are using dual layer discs)
    It will analyse each avi as you put it in and show you how much disc space it takes up.

    If I remember right (it was ages since I did something like this in Nero) it will show each episode different when you come to make the Menu.

    Winavi, using the batch convet mode won't convet each file to a 3Gb file, it will convert a group of files to a DVD size I just don't know how many you can fit on it as I have never used it to do this, you would have to experiment.

    dvd santa will still make it into a large file and you need the full version otherwise you will have a message that goes across the bottom of the picture if you use the trial version,
    saying that dvd santa is one of the easier converting tools to use,
    there is also tmpgenc which produces a better picture but uses a lot of harddrive space and is more complicated.
    you could also look at this site for other converting tools and help,

    this is the page that you need…;62

    DivxToDVD is good.

    i use convertxtodvd

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    thanks for the help and suggestions, going to try convertx...

    can see this taking a good few hrs of my time lol will leave rep to you all

    I used to use the full version of DVD Santa, but it took way to long. I just got a DVD player for my room that supports divx/xvid for about £30 and works out much better imo.

    I also use my PS3 or 360 to watch them in my living room.

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    can you update the 360 without it been connected to live so that it plays xvid, forgot he had a 360 and that they now play Xvids


    can you update the 360 without it been connected to live so that it plays … can you update the 360 without it been connected to live so that it plays xvid, forgot he had a 360 and that they now play Xvids

    I think you can - ]Here, but i don't know if this is the most recent update.
    Hope this helps!:thumbsup:

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    I think that one is they may update, it says thanks anyway.

    Does a 360 save the changes on the hdd or straight on to the console?

    just thinking if he lent me his hdd i could update it for him

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    Going to try go down the route of making a dvd for now using convertxtodvd thanks anyway
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