Assistance required to find these trainers please?

    See first post for pics,obviously they are some sort of Adidas Hi-Tops but have tried all the usual UK sites with no success.

    David Beckham has of today failed to answer my email asking him

    If someone can edit the pic and zoom in on them as well please that would be great

    Some sort of reward will be given if you can find them(a bag of doughnuts,fruit or home bargains voucher)



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    They're Adidas Freemont Trainers - I think (_;). Better check online first, you can get them from netclothing online if they're the right ones hth.

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    Thanks guys,had seen those but thought the ones in the pick had a bit of gold on then though....they may do the trick however

    I FOUND THEM...............they're on his feet

    Ooooh they're nice
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