Associated Members Club/Fitlife Ltd

Does anyone out there on HKUD have a good experience with Associated Members Club/Fitlife?
I "won a prize" of two years free Gym membership which turns out to cost £396.72
The credit agreement is "non-cancellable" and I didn't have a pre credit check or agreement.
Anyone good on this kind of stuff.

Its also lists loads of complaints on


HOw did they work that out, then? :?

What are they charging for if the membership is free?

I would try Citizens Advice Bureau first and see if they can help

Or, it costs about £30 to take someone to small claims court - I gues it depends how they have conned you…asp

ignoring bit about herefordshire appears to be about same company may help - appears if you call your local trading standards they may have some knowledge


seems like you have been got by this as well, there are a few things you need to check out,

were you in any way mis-sold or mislead about the £16.53 monthly payments?

Did you know, were you advised you were taking out a CREDIT AGREEMENT?

Before signing the 'CREDIT AGREEMENT' were you given the 'Pre Contract Information'
on a separate sheet, of a different colour, clearly stating 'Pre contract information'?

You need to look at the Consumer Credit (pre Disclosure) Regulations 2004 (which updates the 1974 act and is more relevant to todays credit system!
If you would like to contact me abou this i would be more than happy to offer my advice as im in the same situation. but i dont want ot give all the information on a public forum where it may jepodise my case!

also if your friend recieved the flyer after april 2008 - survey uk were banned from offering these 'free prizes' by trading standards. Making the agreement unenforcable by law!

message me and i will respond with some contacts and advice!

message to mark.rodge.
i have fallen into the trap of fitlife and want to get out of it. from what you said above i am not laible due to the "won the free" bit. how can i contact you and what help can you offer?

joined 20/01.09 and we both paid £16-53 per month since then
if you think fitlife offers are to good to be true thats because they are the only things that are true is they tell lies and make money doing it,My wife and i got done we were told if you sign up for a year so we did then we read futher and it says two years, the gym we went to machines would not be working i rang fitlife never got an answer left a message but no good ,then we had a back problem i sent them a doctors paper like it says but again nothing. so we think this firm is run by very rich con men that don't answer phones or letters. so be warned keep away from fitlife.

they were still somehow taking money out of my account without me realising they had gone bust,they have made god knows how much free money,surely theres something we can do
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