astra mk5 h question

    hi people i have a sri 08 140bhp 1.8 astra im thinking of changing the airbox for a induction kit,
    1 is it easy to swap them?
    2 is it safe for the long run eg would it cause me problems etc later on?

    thanks for you help



    Simple job to do, No it won't cause problems in the long run,

    you will need to clean the air filter every so often. ( I clean mine twice a year )

    Original Poster

    i had one on a focus but when i took it off it went slow
    whats the different with a cheaper kit than k+n

    would it drink more petrol?


    You will use more fuel, Because the airflow going into the engine will be less restricted, and the engine will be burning fuel alot quicker , So yes you will use more fuel, Depends how hard your pushing the engine,

    I noticed the difference, Car was quicker by a fraction , But went through fuel quicker

    there is a slight difference between cheaper and expensive kits, All mostly do the same thing,

    ( I still dont know why people waste money on the small mushroom filters )

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    have u got the astra? if so what mpg u getin? also what kit do you think best? and at what cost?
    ive got to think with petrol going up all the time if its worth doing it?
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