ASTRO TURFS nike/adidas only please

    as above im looking to replace my nike air zoom first touch astros and wana pay 30 and under as i spent 50 on these ones but dont wana do that again lol.



    mandmdirect offer the best prices, but if you want to try them on before you buy (like me) i would go to jjb, i prefer adidas boots and bought these the other day for £27.99 at jjb + i got money off for using my UCAS card

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    i like those but one thing that puts me off is they look like they made out of plastic lol and are rock solid.


    yeah they do lol they wernt my 1st choice tbh i wanted their puma ones they had on offer instore for £22.99 but they didnt have my size, so i got these instead, they dont look as plastic as the f10 ones though yuk.
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