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Found 5th Aug 2017
Hi I have a shopping list of the what I want the telescope to do.I have been down the binoculars route and now want to move to a telescope that can

1 connect to my nikon dlsr for astrophotography

2 have goto functions to align to location and time and day.

3 Be able to see deep space objects.

have looked at a few but it's definitely worth asking the savy community.

Celestron Astro Fi 102mm Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

celestrion nexstar 8 se
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I am no expert on the subject but i am pretty sure you will need an equatorial mount if you want to use your dslr for astro photography, both of the above scopes are Alt/Az and whilst being good for visual, neither are suitable for long exposure photography. Can i suggest the book " Making Every Photon Count" by Steve Richards as something to read before parting with any hard earned cash on what could be an expensive mistake?
I am speaking from experience on the last point.
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Ta will look this up wonder if a kindle version is available
Could you hit up virtual astro on Twitter for advice?
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