Found 30th Aug 2008
I have set my heart on getting one of these little machines and looking for a good deal... however i've just read over on the reviews on that they ar't compatible with Sky BB... gutted to read this, can anyone shed any more info in it?


Have a look here:…tml

On the last post tells you how some guy fixed his.

Are you talking about the review that says the following? "be warned if you have sky broadband it is not compatible with this linux operating system .you would have thought sky would be more up to date"

I'm pretty sure it's not a case of Sky needing to support Linux but of both being designed to support the same protocols and standards (wireless, ethernet, TCP/IP etc.)

Does anyone here have sky and an eee and can confirm whether it works over ethernet/wireless?

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Does anyone know where i can get a good deal on one of these?

Thanks :thumbsup:
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