asus eee 8gb Black pc

    Any thoughts on these? Been offered a swap for a BNIB Wii with sports? Thought it might do my mum for surfing but dont know much about them? Can cameras, printers etc be attached? Do they do wifi? Can external drives be connected? Just for her photos and to download stuff from email?

    Any thoughtsinfo appreciated!


    have a look here mate…ot/ we had a thread about them. i had a look at one in pc world they are ok the keypoard is good but i thought the screen looked a bit cheap. it seemed easy to use and did have wifi on it. have a look on the net theres tons of threads about them. hope that heps mate

    I am very interested in these pc's and wasn't aware that the 8gig version was available yet.....not in the UK anyway :? I* can only find 2gig and 4gig here.

    The fact that it's only available to pre-order on the following site suggests same....…ry=

    I would check what size SSHD is being offered again...or maybe its already available in Asia and your being offered an import (in which case u might possibly have warranty issues).

    Hope that helps


    EDIT: To answer your questions ..yes all can be done however with such a small internal hard drive u would probably have to store pics on an external drive. All reviews I have read are excellent for what it is i.e an ultra portable mini laptop.

    I own The 4gb one, got it back in Nov'07
    And love it.
    Got windows xp loaded on it, and its super fast!
    I use it with a 4gb SD card and a 80gig pocket HDD, Its great for movies, Photos, holidays and games!

    battery: Get around 2.5hrs of use when using wifi too
    or 3.2hrs without wifi and low brightness.

    Good site all about them:

    I highly recommend it, Even the 4gig one is perfect, 8gig would be nice, But i still got 3gig space left on c drive as using sdcard to store my docs on. Plus you can get 8gig SD cards.

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    Just checked my email from the guy and is 4GB one he is offering - sorry cut and pasted description after doing a quick look up on google. Head is in that place most are when relationships are fried and you have toddlers to make sure your days are busy so not great at reading the descriptions and making thm compute through at moment hence why I am asking what folks thoughts are on it and if it does do what it sounds like it does! Thanks for all replies so far - sounds like its somehting I should buy...I bought wiis as xmas presents, got my sister one, bought one on behalf of one of my other sisters a chipped asian one with heaps of games and me asecond hand one cos it came with all controllers - my plan had been to keep chipped one myself but I let my sis choose and she picked the chipped one so i have taken the second hand one and am planning n getting rid of the BNIB one as second hand one works fine. May get someone to chip it though once I check out which chip it needs!
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