Asus EEE PC 2g

    I bought my 13 yr old son an Asus eee pc in March for his Birthday, he used it a couple of times and then my 2 yr old son threw a plastic dart at the screen and cracked it. I have connected it up to a monitor and it works absolutely fine. Does anyone know if the screen can be repaired? I took it back to pcworld where I got it from but they quoted £125 just to look at it!!! Would I be better off selling it as spares? I have box, manuals etc

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    It can be repaired but as already stated, replacement LCD screen's are expensive.

    You see if you can find one on t'ebay that is damaged in some other fashion, then swap the screens.

    Also look in the yellow pages or online for a local PC shop or laptop repair shop and see what they quote as PC World are always more expensive and sometimes less experienced.
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