ASUS Eee PC (9.5 hours battery life)

    I was just about to order a Samsung NC10 but saw this in another thread, its cheaper & has better battery life & wireless.

    Does anyone know if it is any good compared to the samsung? Havent seen many reviews about it where as I know the NC10 has a genuine battery life etc.

    I will be putting office onto it & then using it for internet browsing (wirless & mobile) for project research & will be doing lots of word processing as I have to do a huge essay & presentation for my course.

    Any replies would be appreciated as it could save me £40 which can go towards a router.

    Mainly interested in battery life, ease of use (keyboard etc) and any other info reguarding internet & using office etc.



    cant give you any comparisons but i have an nc10 and its a fabulous little machine

    I have both machines and much prefer the NC10 - the screen is much clearer and slightly bigger (so less scrolling), both are wireless enabled, and the battery life is good on both machines.

    If you are looking to do office-based work on your netbook, I'd dig deep in your pockets and plump for the NC10 ;-)

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    Might just go for the NC10 then, it would only be the N - Wireless in the ASUS that would sway me but I assume the NC10 wireless is alright anyway.

    It will be alot of word processing, excel use & internet browsing so it may be better for that sort of thing then.

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