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    I am looking at buying a EEE pc and wondered which version is the best to get? whats the diff between the 1000 and 1000h any recommendations?


    what do you need it 4?

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    uni, surfing on the move, i wanna be able to just chuck it in my bag the size and weight is a key factor thats why im not looking for a full size laptop

    If its main usage is for surfing and msn etc i would recommend the 701 4g. Its ultra portable 7" screen etc.

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    only thing is doesnt that come with some linux operating system or no operating system? and 4gb?? wud wanna have some programs mainly office which takes around a gig now...that and arnt the batterys much better on the new models?

    ahh if your gona use office then the 1000 is probably better. I dont know much about the 1000/h

    Although the 701 does come with open office already implented in the linux o/s

    The 1000 uses a solid state drive, the 1000H uses a 1.8" or 2.5" hard drive.

    The 4G is availible in both linux and windows versions.

    I took my 4G to a week long residential course at nottingham university recently, I did find the battery ran out quite a lot.

    The best model at the moment seems to be the 901. It's got the good battery life and bluetooth but is more compact than the 1000/1000H.

    Personally I'd stick with the Linux version if it comes with all the programs you want (it'll do MSN and has firefox and OpenOffice). I haven't tried the windows version but I did try the windows-like full desktop on my 4G and the taskbars and similar seemed a bit small (they'll be the same size on the 901 since it's got higher resolution as well as a bigger screen). Plus the Linux version comes with more storage. Windows is more flexible though.

    Best price for the 901 please?
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