Asus Eee PC or alternative from PC World?

    Looking for advice please from those in the know :-)

    PC World have offered me an exchange on a faulty Asus Eee 4G under warranty. They did say that I could exchange for 'anything to the value of the original purchase', which was £249.99.

    Assuming they do allow this as opposed to a straight like for like exchange, it strikes me that I could get an instant upgrade or even a different machine altogether as the prices have changed a lot in 5 months, so I'm wondering if people in the know could weigh in with opinions of what is the best pick for up to 250 quid from PC World from:

    Eee PC 900-W005 White Linux Preloaded, 1GB RAM , 20GB Hard Drive (239.99)
    (or the XP version, 12GB HD)


    Acer One A150AW White Netbook (229.99)

    I do want something I can sling in my bag and travel with, so looking for small size, robustness, good connectivity and ease of use & decent battery life.
    I don't game, have a full sized laptop if required for large scale typing and don't really need XP.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers



    Personally I'd go for the Acer Aspire One and try to get them to throw in case or memory stick to make the dfference in price up.

    You could also look at the Advent 4211 (?) which is around that price too.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply, have repped you

    Is there anything specific that's better with the Acer? I only know about the Asus.

    Also, I am thoroughly confused about all the different models of netbook on the go at the moment. Originally the appeal of the Asus for me was that it was so robust (basically droppable!), I like the SSD. Are the HD netbooks really any less resilient to being carted about or am I worrying about nothing? I do want something with the best possible battery life.

    I'd look into the Advent one since you cannot upgrade the memory or hs/sdd in the acer one easily see this video…MTk

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    The Advent looks much bigger than the Eee and the Acer, is it? And if so, roughly how much bigger is it. is it any heavier?

    The Eee fits nicely into my bag when I'm travelling & I have a standard laptop, so really the small form factor & battery life when out and about are the greatest appeals for me.


    Battery life is 2 hours max on The Acer Aspire one with wifi on.

    As for size etc. check this out…hjM
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