Asus Eee Pc sale price query

    I have one that I don't use its white in as new condition, only a month old 512mb ram and 4gb hdd. have the box and all packaging, also any problems within the first year i'm sure it could be sent back to the retailer i bought it from for repair.

    what sort of asking price?

    please don't refer to out of stock items, because i paid more than MRRP for it

    Thanks in advance

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    really hard one to price this as they are in an awkward market position with the elonex coming up.
    Biggest prob is when this was designed for market u couldnt but a laptop for under £350 since then many have taken a %20 price drop and u can get 512mb ddr2, 80gb hdd and vista for approx £270
    New cost is about £220 but they don't seem to be shifting off the shelves that quick after the initial demand and the late ship from asus.
    Also a lot of people who would be interested want xp or vista on, xp will cost them another £60 and vista wont fit on the small hdd
    try £180 with offers or trades be willing to bargain cos once the elonex hits?
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