Asus EEPC Where and Cheap???

    Been looking for these for ages. Ebuyer had them and theres a thread on here talking about that, but no one seemed to reply so thought id make a deal request one lol. Looking for one as cheap as possible, the Asus site have them but they are quite expensive. Does anyone know where i can get one for relatively cheap?



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    Do either of those sites charge for delivery? Really needed one now lol but i guess if i have to wait till january i may as well wait and see if any codes or discounts pop up before preordering?

    Note that dabs has said 3-4 weeks delivery now for the past 2 weeks. So this looks like it might be in limbo.

    I knew I should have stocked up on them!!!

    Also, I meant to say, that PC World business website has them on available to order. I don't know if that'll be any faster than the avenues already mentioned, but it could be worth a try if you have some way of getting a business account with them…gle

    I think you'll be lucky to see any discount with the demand and already low price for a very long time. It's white- so it's going to be another Wii/ipod/DS continuously priced item.
    My question is as it's obv going to be a fairly low powered device, i'm presuming it wont come with a massive laptop powerpack- prob a multiadaptor/phone charger sort of thing- can anyone tell me for sure?


    Check this out:…ech

    I can confirm that it comes with a mini power-pack, like a mobile phone.

    /best Columbo voice

    One more thing...

    Expansys are quoting a lead time of 1 day for this item:…485

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    Wow they are as well lol. But ive never really used that site and dont really want to buy a laptop off a site ive never used before lol. Damn i wish i bought one when they were on Ebuyer. I knew they'd be in high demand but i never thought it would be this bad lol

    Cheers thekanester. Started watching that video a few days ago, the fat guy started to annoy me so I only lasted about 90 seconds before turning it off (and the 90 seconds was trying to think who the skinny guy reminds me of- i'm sure its someone from Who's Line Is It Anyway.)

    Thats great about the powerpack tho, the most annoying thing is the bulky laptop power supply usually. US power supplies are best, where the two pins fold into the plug for transport.

    Definitely gonna get one of these, it'll probably replace my nokia 770 in the house and i'll just keep that for the satnav function. GF is after one too- there going to shift loads of these things...

    I was looking at getting one of these, but the screen is really small, it doesn't even fill the whole of the lid - I noticed all the photos show it from behind, and now I know why. The screen only has a resolution 600x400 or something, making it really bad for internet browsing (the main reason I was buying one) as most pages are designed for 1024x768 resolutions, and apparently the browser that comes installed on it doesn't scale the pages. So instead I got a second hand 12 inch ibook g3 off ebay for £150. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

    Anyway, just my opinion, read some reviews before you buy one...

    The CNet video review appears to have incorrectly specified the resolution of this device, stating it as VGA (640x480). It is in fact 800x480, which is a little better. I can see why people might not like that, as it is a little small.

    yeah, it's 7"- but i'm viewing and posting on the site right now on a 3.4" nokia 770, and it works great (my perfect vision does help!)
    7" is fine for browsing and short bursts of typing- basically the eee is gonna be a cool little toy...

    micro anvika uk have them in stock for £227 delivered.

    heres the link…50W

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    Ill admit the screen is small but thats the whole point of it. Main reason why im getting it as i can use it write documents instead of lugging around a massive laptop. Internet browsing in a big bonus and even if the resolution isnt that great i wouldnt mind. At least it has the function. I was wondering whether you could manually upgrade the ram? Is it just normal DDR Ram or something special?
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