ASUS Graphics Card help required??

    Can someone tell me what power supply would i need to run this graphics card??

    Asus HD 4350 512MB DDR2 DVI VGA HDMI Out PCI-E Low Profile Graphics

    Will a 255W PSU be sufficient?


    there is a ati psu chart on the ati site, but Ive got a 305w Dell, and have just stuck a 4650 in and it works yay!

    mind u, ive also got 2 optical drives, 2 hard drives, floppy and a neon which drains power too.

    oh, and on my 4650's box, it says min 400w!


    a 400W should run that fine mate. Mind, a 300-350W would too.

    EDIT: Didn't see other 2 posts. with the optical drives and other stuff I recommend buying a 400W just so it all goes smooth.

    I would say yes - it is a cut down card designed for shuttle PCs and media servers that often have low power PSU.
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