Asus GTX 1080 - dodgy fans - no warranty

Found 25th Mar

I have a GTX 1080 made by Asus, it's a Strix ROG model with three fans.

One of the fans makes a slight noise, and occasionally drops out of place by about 1cm and stops spinning, causing the other two fans to go crazy, and the temps to rocket.

Which basically makes the card broken. ASUS won't touch it unless I go through the retailer. Amazon Warehouse don't want to know as I've had it well over 12 months.

Anyone have any bright ideas?
I've seen replacement fans from Aliexpress for about £20 but would like to know if they're terribly difficult to fit / any good from Aliexpress. Potentially an aftermarket GPU cooler?
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Buy the replacement fans and fit yourself. You should be doing this every 2-3 years anyway for optimum performance!!!
I doubt the fan issue caused by wear and tear after 12 months. Unless you have damaged the fan or GPU physically yourself I would contact Amazon again and quote that such an expensive device shouldn't fail after 12 months. The issue sounds like the fan has a know fault as I haven't had fans falling out of my GPUs before. This is a failed part that is essential to the operation of the unit.
I would expect the fans on a premium GPU to last longer than 12 months. I would have another go at Amazon over the GPU not being fit for purpose, mostly to badger them into getting ASUS to RMA the card.
Buy a replacement cooler for it and see how that goes.
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