ASUS memopad 16Gb v ASUS Google Nexus 7 (Previous Gen)

    Hi being lazy here hope members can save me a bit of research , if you would be so kind .Partner has got fed up with her early kindle and would like to upgrade to a Nexus 7 (prev gen ) . I had a quick look and the Asus memopad seems very similar maybe even better than the Nexus 7 (2 cameras ,sd card slot) -Would be grateful for members views . Thanks in advance.


    Perhaps you can find somebody to go and buy it for you as well


    Perhaps you can find somebody to go and buy it for you as well


    They are much the same, funnily Asus made both. It's pros and cons for both. Memo has 2 cameras as you said and sd card to increase storage but feels a bit cheaper. Got one for my brother when they were 69 quid in tesco at Christmas.

    The nexus feels a bit more solid, loses the camera and sd card slot but has GPS and better software support and upgrades as it is pure Android with no added extras.

    To be honest on I'd probably buy on price as they will perform identically on most things. Both are good wee solid tablets. Plus download the Kindle app from play store and it will do everything the Kindle will plus more.

    Nexus 7 (2012) is very well made "premium" device and there are frequent updates for the Android OS. The Asus Memopad HD is a more budget orientated device, trying to give you more bang for your money.

    If you need the MicroSD card slot or want to use the tablet as a camera to take photos, go for the Memopad. If you want longevity, software updates and are fine with the 32GB in-built memory, go for the Nexus 7 (2012).

    I currently own the Nexus 7 (2012) with in-built 3G mobile Internet. It is a brilliant little tablet. While I do sometimes miss the flexibility of a MicroSD card slot, I have setup mine to talk to my PC via the wireless network - meaning that I can easily drag and drop files between them. There is also Google Drive, which allows me easy access to my Windows Documents folder as and when needed, without taking up space on the tablet unnecessarily.
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    Perhaps you can find somebody to go and buy it for you as well

    No went out and bought one all by myself ,thanks to the helpful comments above Not sure why you bothered to post such a childish unhelpful comment though ? I think you're on the wrong website , on this one members are generally helpful to each other - off to the naughty step for you
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