Asus Motherboard No Picture

Found 2nd Jun 2009
HI just built my pc and instaled everything properly but getting no picture been through usally test and still nothin anyone has any ideas to help me
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if you have a graphics card handy plug it in and check what it is showing. When it plugs in it disables the onboard so you should get something...
check ram is in the right way.
have you put the funny thing with 3 metal prongs into the matching receptacle on the wall?
seriously are you using onboard graphics or a graphics card? I made a basic mistake on a build that confounded me for hours I'd installed the graphics card but connected the monitor to the onboard graphics:oops:
Can you list details of what other parts are in your new build. What graphics card, does the graphics card require additional power from the psu. My 8800 GTX needs 2 6 pin power connections from the psu.
I have had the same problem a couple of times. No picture from either on-board graphics or separate graphics card. On both occasions it was a motherboard fault. From memory, one was a MSI board, the other an Asus.

Your best bet might be to phone up Tech Support at whoever you bought it from and see what they say. They usually know the common faults of boards they sell - unless you bought it from one of the box shifters like Dabs or Ebuyer who don't have Tech support. :whistling:
Could be many things. Are all the necessary power connectors on mb + graphics card connected? Is clear-CMOS jumper in correct position? Try powering on with just graphics, one stick of ram and no drives connected.
i've done beep test cleared cmos and stuff the company i brought it from think it might be the memory but tested it with some new 1's still no change
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