Found 21st Dec 2009
I want to buy an asus oplay (the new one r3)
but I consider xbox360 where U can stream movies too.
asus read almost all formats, what about xbox360 ?

I think about xbox360 because of "project natal" (but that will be at the end of 2010)

xbox is more expensive but U can play some games by the way,
the most important thing is to read mkv, avi
asus is incredible, but what about xbox360. It is good too.

please give me some advice.

sorry for my English,
this is not my first language


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i have a xbox im selling do to upgrade


got a banned xbox can sell nice and cheap. Project Natal is probably not coming out on the xbox 360. Saw it on xbox's website, likely to debut on xbox 720 or whatever they call it. Obviouslly this isn't guranteed but if it's the main reason you want a 360 i'd go for the other thing your talking about or a ps3 even

Xbox is very poor for reading media formats.
Xbox will not read MKV unless you are streaming from a PC with special software on it.

you would be better with the Asus Oplay. if media is your goal.

Original Poster

media is more important for me.
games can be just a bonus.
but if project natal need new xbox I will buy asus oplay r3 and i will wait for natal...

when I want spend money,
I try to find all benefits of it.
asus this time will be the best, but I have to wait anyway till january
then r3 asus will be ready,
I was thinking about WD but looks poor compare to asus (I mean formats)
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