Asus P6T Deluxe

    Hi guys, a short while ago someone posted a deal on a P6T Deluxe & as these motherboards are very expensive the deal was awesome. Please let me know if u spot anything.

    Previous deal:…er/



    well mine arrived today and was the wrong board (as the original poster) so cant say i'm amused. waited over a week for it and they sent me the p6t rather than the deluxe version. don't think you'll be seeing anything at this price for a while unfortunately

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    Thats so weird because i rung them up today (Mesh) and asked them about the offer they had on, and they said they could only get me the P6T for £216 including delivery. I asked them about the P6T Deluxe and they said they dont deal in the Deluxe version so there u go. Unlucky man :?

    they used to sell the p6t deluxe as the standard board on their i7 machines, but with the new p6t being released now at a lot cheaper price they must have changed n now i'm stuck in the middle, tho i was told today that they would be sending me a deluxe out next week so will have 2 wait and see

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    Oh well thats good, although the P6T is just as good as the Deluxe anyway. Deluxe is for those enthusiasts that want to squeeze out every last inch of performance by pushing their overclocks i suppose.…534

    yeah i've been doing some digging with respect to that and from what i've seen and the review i read ]here says the same thing. gonna see what happens but if i can keep it at the same price don't think am going to be overly bothered

    just thought i'd mention that i've got the p6t now from mesh for just over £170

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    What u mean?

    cuz they made a bit of a screw up with my deluxe, they've given me a p6t for £173. mesh are saying now they only sell the p6t now as well
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