Asus S200E turns off suddenly

    I got the Asus refurb deal from Dabs recently (link http:/****/11EoSBT), everything looks and works fine, but after about 20-30mins of use it suddenly switches off as though someone's pulled the plug on a desktop. Happened a few times now.

    It's within warranty but not sure that they have a replacement available for it. Anyone can tell me what the problem may be and if this is a minor fix or major issue please? Thanks


    Sounds like its overheating

    Sounds like something you cant fix and may only get worse so Id suggest returning it.

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    Sounds like its overheating

    Doesn't feel hot, but looks like I'll have to do a return

    Maybe a dodgy battery? Its possible being a refurb however I thought they would have checked this. Best just to contact them.

    Download 'Core temp' and see what readings its giving then compare them with the recommended operating limits.
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