Asus T100TA Charger & Problems

    I lost my charger and it's completely dead. I've tried to use other micro USB chargers (like my mobile phone charger) but can't even get the charging light to come on so I'm thinking I must need to get a different charger. Can anyone recommend a suitable one for the Asus T100TA. Thanks


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    Maybe try … Maybe try here this if you have Amazon Prime

    Thanks, I do have Prime so I'll try that. It's strange as every charger I've tried works with other devices but not this, I'll try and order the one from Amazon and hope it isn't a problem with the tablet. It's only just been repaired.

    it probably doesn't work as it needs 5
    5.25v and 3.0a but most phone chargers are less than a good one maybe 5v and 2.0amp but even that only shows up around 4.7v and 1700mah when Iv tested it unless ur using a rapid charger which are adaptive and so that may not work as well look at the phone charger u tried what amps is it if it's less than about 2.5amp I would guess that's why it's not working

    My Asus T100 chi uses an 18v switching adapter, it has a conventional micro usb port, which charges phones etc normally, however when the asus is plugged in, it activates the 18v and quick charges.

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    Hmmm, still not working. Going to have to contact Asus to get it repaired.
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