Asus to offer Linux on all motherboards

    Asus is to fit its entire range of motherboards with the company's Express Gate version of Splashtop Linux. Splashtop boots from a Flash chip on the motherboard in a matter of seconds and is designed to run a small suite of applications including Firefox, Skype and instant messaging.

    The Linux-based software will be extended immediately to the new P5Q Deluxe, P5Q-WS, P5Q3 Deluxe and P5Q-E series motherboards, and Asus has pledged to produce a further million Splashtop motherboards per month. Part of Splashtop's appeal is that it complements rather than replaces Windows, offering users the option to run a choice of operating systems.

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    No one thinks this is good then?

    Actually i think this is bloody good, though about time but we shall wait and see, i will prob try and get one soon just to have a looksie
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