Found 17th Jun 2010
Just wondered if anyone has any experience with Aus repairs in the UK.

Bought an Eee pc 1001px less than 3 weeks ago which developed a problem with the integrated webcam and a usb malfunction after 17 days and very light use.
Checked Bios, webcam is missing, attempted to instal webcam drivers which wouldnt instal as webcam couldnt be detected, and restored to factory defaults, none of which have worked.
I contacted Staples to inform them of the problem but 5 days later and I've still had no reply.
Obviously the item is under warranty, so organised a repair via the Asus website, with the netbook due to be picked up today by SBE Ltd.

I cant find much info on SBE other than complaints, they seem to predominantly deal with Mobile phone repairs.
The only feedback i found relating to Asus repairs refers to Anovo being the repair agent and repairs taking up to 8 weeks or more.

Hopefully the repair will get done and the netbook returned in a decent time frame,
But just wondered if anyone else has experience with this and could advise as to how long their repair took.

I was tempted to push for a replacement as the netbook is faulty after only 17 days, but staples dont seem to have any in stock,
If they can repair it i'd be quite happy as the netbook itself is fine otherwise, i just hope it doesnt take as long as others have experienced previously.

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I had nothing but problems with them when I bought an asus laptop 18 months ago. It went wrong a week after I bought it from Curry's but went down the route of going to asus instead of taking it back to Curry's.

4 months and approx 5 calls later they still didnt have the replacement part so agreed to give me a refund. That was just as much hassle as they then had to speak to Curry's to get the refund processed.

I would have puched for a replacment but that wasnt an option as the laptop was discontinued.

I would never buy an ASUS again.

Good luck, hope it gets sorted.


my eee pc froze one day and then totally refused to boot up again so contacted asus to sort out a repair

Told them what was wrong, they confirmed it was within warranty and they would repair it
They text me the date it was getting picked up and the date it was being dropped back off

all it took was 1 phone call & 5 mins online
took about 3 weeks from contacting them to it being dropped back off repaired

i was updated at every stage online :thumbsup:
good service - no problems :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Thanks guys,

2 completely different experiences, i suppose its just your luck which one you end up with.

I have to say though i've been happy up until now, they offered decent support with trying to sort out the problem, everything they suggested i had already tried but it was all solid advice,
unfortunately it seems like its a motherboard problem which needs repairing rather than it being a software fix which i couldve handled myself.

They organised pickup within an hour of organising the repair, txted me when they were coming, and courier turned up when said,
so far so good,
so fingers crossed it continues that way.

Thanks again for your replies guys, much appreciated :thumbsup:
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