Asus UL30 wireless problems

There are some problems with the wifi on this laptop, it disconnects even though there's still signal, does anyone know if this is a hardware or a software problem? I've tried searching but can't find any solutions.

If it's software does anyone know where to find the drivers, or a fix?

If it's hardware does anyone know if I can replace the wireless card, and if so, any recommendations?


what wifi card does it use? my old acer used to cut out constantly it was really annoying but nothing could be done it was a common fault with the models card. i ended up selling it rather than replacing with a compatible card,.

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It uses an Atheros AR9285. I'm sure I read it's like a built in wifi chip rather than a card though, which would make it hard to replace?

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Can anyone help with this?

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Try uninstall and reinstall the drivers, really not much we can do … Try uninstall and reinstall the drivers, really not much we can do without actually seeing it.

I can't find the drivers, on the asus website it only lists drivers for an intel chip.

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What operating system?Anyway look here:


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Does anyone know if the drivers for vista will work on windows 7? Also where can I find the drivers in windows 7 and how do I know which ones to back up incase it makes things worse?
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