Posted 24th Nov 2020
Looking to buy a laptop for around the £500 mark. For general use and not gaming.

Any advice on which of these two looks the better option? Any owners have one of these?

ASUS VivoBook M413DA 14" Laptop - AMD Ryzen 7 3700U, 1 TB SSD
ASUS Vivobook

HUAWEI MateBook D 15.6" Laptop - AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 256 GB SSD
HUAWEI Matebook

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    These three are largely the same specs, and give a good example of what £500ish gets you for a laptop:…109…Ltd…als

    All three have 8GB, 3500 processor, 256GB SSD - so it really comes down to design, battery and a host of minor other things, which the Acer and Huawei mostly win.

    I have owned all three brands for laptop and/or phone and put Huawei & Acer above HP. Then H>A slightly. H has taken a beating recently over 'security', but that really is regarding their access to critical UK infrastructure, not your internet history. For £100 you can upgrade the H to a better processor and 512GB (£599), which is worth it if you want to store much media.

    Upgrading things on laptops is fraught with difficulty. I did it to my Dell XPS 13 (which is friendly to modification relatively), and even that was stressful, risky and quite fiddly. Ideally never open the case if you can afford the spec you need up front.
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    I’m in the same boat, would be interested to see what people say on this feed
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    Personally, I would go for the Asus just because I've had a good experience with their laptops previously.

    Aside from the battery, my 9 year old Asus laptop still works fine and I use it daily (the only change I made was upgrading to an SSD a few years ago).
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    LukeBrowno24/11/2020 21:17

    I’m in the same boat, would be interested to see what people say on this f …I’m in the same boat, would be interested to see what people say on this feed

    I’m edging towards the Huawei but the 256GB SSD puts me off. I’m unsure whether this can be upgraded after purchase.

    I know that the RAM is soldered and this definitely cannot be upgraded.
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    I was in the same boat recently and bought the ASUS I really like it. Nice and quick, light and just the right size IMO

    We use it in our business and have moved over from Lenovo kit. I wasn’t too bothered about the ssd size but nice to know is got the 1TB just in case.

    Battery life isn’t the best. Our Lenovo’s last about 3-5 hours longer than the ASUS. Heavy use from the ASUS and it’ll last around 4 hours. But again, not too bothered due to the work we do and easy enough to plug in. I’ll probably be ordering another laptop soon enough and will go for one of these again

    I can’t comment on the huawei kit I’ve never used it before.
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    I have the Matebook 13" and wouldn't buy one again, the hinge started sticking and then one day cracked the screen. Huawei refused to repair it, then said they would and I sent it off to their repair centre SBS, who looked at and said they couldn't repair it because it was now out of warranty! I have been trying to get Huawei to fix it now for over a year and getting nowhere. Huawei know this is a problem because the same thing happens to the Matebook X pro, I don't know if it will happen to this laptop but I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.
    Pretty sure the op is sorted by now
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