Asus Zenpad Tablet fails to boot

Posted 29th Mar 2017
My Asus tablet has decided to hang on bootup.
It gets to the splash screen and the flashing circle continues to rotate, it goes no further.

Tried PWR & Vol Up - which gets to a fastboot loader, but cant do anything else apart from hold pwr button until it shuts down.
Also done PWR & Vol Down but only a black screen appears.

Any ideas?

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So I needed to hold down both volume buttons and the power button. Unfortunately I now get
E: Can't open /tmp/update-script.log so I can't do a factory reset.

A quick search on the web appears to suggest I need to flash a new image by a PC :-(
I would have thought Asus has some software for operating systems? Like Samsung has kies or Apple has iTunes? Look on their website support page and search for your product, good luck
As I thought you need to plug it into a pc, then install the correct sku firmware, simple, good luck all in on Asus website, here's an example…ad/ just search for driver tools and firmware
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Thanks for the responses westy125 - I should have time over the weekend to try it
All sorted - thanks for the help again. Saves me having to purchase another tablet.

Now I just need to sort out our other Zenpad which has a broken screen -…320
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