Atari 2600

    I seem to have lost my mains adapter for my ancient Atari 2600. Does anyone know if there is maybe a 3rd party alternative ?
    I don't fancy spending £12+ on an original as the console is probably not worth that...Or anyone know a cheaper price anywhere ? Around £5-ish

    Any help appreciated


    one of the multi adapter will do it they cost around 5 quid

    yeah multi adapter

    just select the right adapter socket

    the right voltage

    and the direction

    + ( -
    +) -

    The reason I never through wall warts away, I always find a use for then in the end.

    Original Poster

    Cheers folks !

    I have 3 multi-adapters and was convinced they all had 'holes' in the ends of the attachments. Just had a look and actually have 3 ends that fit the console nicely.

    Time to relive some classics...

    Lol Hull-Tomo you have made me go into a sweltering hot loft to fetch one of these babys down:


    Anyone for a game of pong? Gotta work out how to set it up now on a HD telly lol, dont think it has analogue tuner..
    Bought it last year for a bargain 20p from a car boot.
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