Posted 3rd Jan 2023
I will be buying cash and it will be a 22 plate (not brand new). Probably One of the lower/mid spec models. Budget £23,000. I know nothing about cars! Thanks
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    Personally I would drop the reg slightly and get a better spec model
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    Both good cars. Each will have their pros and cons. I'll have to admit to being a bit of a VW family fan. Have you driven them both - important that you do as a lot of this is personal taste. fisco2001 makes a very good point about age/spec
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    Maybe worth a look at some of the comments in recent Qashqai deals and going and trying both 😁
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    Is that a bad idea? I do have the savings? Also considered leasing but I’ve always bought cars outright.
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    I like both cars and driven both many times, I find Qashqai a comfortable pleasing drive but just the ateca feels more agile and fun and has a better feel through the wheel etc.. can't go wrong with either but id definitely pick the Ateca personally (edited)
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    I’ve got a 69 plate qashaqi as a rental at the minute. It is horrific to drive, slow as dog  
    And I’m lucky to get 25-30 mpg out of it. And that’s me driving as carefully as I can. No lead foot syndrome. 

    Plastic everywhere inside, the controls on the steering wheel are laid out in a weird way, it drives like you’re going through treacle, is loud even at 30mph..

    I could go on, only positive I have is that the reversing camera is quite good, even at dark in low light. 
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    Also worth considering the Skoda Karoq. Its very similar to the Ateca, as it shares the same VW group parts. If you do any motorway driving, look at the 1.5 instead of 1.0 if you can afford it.
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    VW T-ROC
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    Personally when I was looking a number of years ago, the Renault Kadjar which was the twin of the Qashqai was much nicer inside!

    Personally - I am now considering the Cupra Formentor
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    Don't use cash when interest rates are so high, for first time in long time now is time to save cash.

    Best of leasing, for starters you will lose a good chunk of the £22k in first year whereas you could be earning from 7% stashing it away.

    Never use actual cash and savings on a depreciating asset.

    Leasing means you are paying off the loss the car will make in the years you will have it and then you hand it back, don't have to pay tax and depending on lease length maybe it will need a 1 or at most 2services. (edited)

    Leasing is the most expensive its ever been. APR on PCP's etc is anything upwards of 9%.

    Leasing/PCP/Finance is never better unless you are a business where the debt can be written off.
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