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Hi for the last 2 years for so i have sufferd with athletes foot,i have tried not wearing socks,shoes etc and tried many creams and sprays but its still there,it does start going but then my feet get hot or on most occasions get very itchy and so much so i cant stop itching it which of course makes it worse,would the doctor be able to sort this out?anyone else had it bad before and know what im going through?thanks



[COLOR="black"]Lamisil AT Cream for Athlete's Foot[/COLOR]

Sounds crazy, but when your feet are itching like crazy, put them under VERY hot water, stops the itching.

Put the cream on after drying and do over a week or so and you should be cured.

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dactarin?[COLOR="black"]Lamisil AT Cream for Athlete's Foot[/COLOR]

tried lasimal no good

Anyone else suddenly got a craving for cheese?

have you tried the[COLOR="DarkRed"] lamisil once,[/COLOR] have you tried that one?

Are you treating all your shoes as well?

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maybe i should but new footwear

I just loved the pleasure of scratching in between my toes when I had AF....TMi perhaps.

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I just loved the pleasure of scratching in between my toes when I had … I just loved the pleasure of scratching in between my toes when I had AF....TMi perhaps.

how did u get rid of it?


how did u get rid of it?

Diabetic.... perhaps his toes fell off?


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Diabetic.... perhaps his toes fell off?:-D


Mycil powder always worked for me

Mycil spray works great for me and also kills the itching, oh and try wearing cat or timberland boots for a few weeks, dont wear trainers during this time and it usually settles down. :thumbsup:


I never get it as bad as those photo's but get it almost yearly. Just red raw and itchy. I went to the doctors because I thought I had eczema betweens my legs (not my *****), apparently where I've been washing my feet then my groin I've transferred the bacteria. He prescribed me some strong anti fungal cream and it's worked wonders. 1 in 100 get the bacteria between their legs apparently so I didn't feel like too much of a freak.

I've now gone out and bought some powder for my shoes and more cream to keep treating my feet.



maybe i should but new footwear

maybe its inside ur shoes/trainers as well mate

i used to have this but after some care like washing youir feet a few times a day and changing your socks and applying the cream it should retreat

lamasil once and daktarin have both worked for me, carry on doing the above for about 3 weeks,

as sometimes u think its gone after a week but its in stealth mode

air you feet as often as you can n keep em dry

Mycil powder is very good,but you must follow the directions,actually putting it inside socks AND shoes is a must.

Mycil powder is used to treat athlete's foot, and can also be effective in fungal infections of the groin (dhobie itch) and *****ly heat. It may also be helpful in conditions where excessive sweating causes tenderness and skin irritation.

The powder should be applied to the affected areas of skin twice a day. Wash and dry the affected areas of skin first, then dust liberally with the powder. When treating athlete's foot you should pay special attention to getting the powder beween the toes. You can also dust the powder inside socks and shoes.

You should continue treatment with the powder for at least a week after the symptoms have cleared up to make sure the infection has been fully treated.

Routine use of the powder can help prevent re-infection.

Maybe you could try and make an traditional/herbal remedy? Saw this on TV (BBC series - Grow your own drugs) but not tried it - ]Garlic talcum powder for athlete's foot

Not available to watch on iPlayer anymore but i could be persuaded to upload it for you if you were interested in givin it a try.

Also, the advice ^ ^ on treating the socks AND shoes is very important. You should also consider where u might have got it, eg. Gym / Swimmiing / sauna? Feet should be covered in communal changing areas.

Lots of detailed advice on management and treatment options can be found on ]CKS (aimed at health proessionals)

Canisten Cream (Red tube) It works. My mate was told years ago from the doc to use it after he had been using all the other stuff on the market. He said it worked for him. When my Aunt had it she was complaining to my Mum about it and I told her about my mate with the Canisten Cream (red tube). It worked for her too.
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