ati 4830? MSI R4830-T2D512-OC Graphics Card ?

    Is this web site/ product trust worthy?

    looking for a graphics card for a friend, wants to pay around £60.00 max (would like to spend less) but wants best performance for his cash.

    I just think this price is too good to be true


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    price with delivery £47.11


    at your link above it comes up as 35.41, but out of stock

    the company itself is ok, been around for years

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    wasn't when i posted... RAGE i've been waiting in googles secure checkout for ages waiting for advice

    Rep added thankyou

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    I've found the same card at simlar prices else where, what are peoples opinions on this card priced sub 50 pounds?


    for 50 pounds its pretty powerful, the only card close in price is a 4550, which is a fair bit less powerful and that costs 37 anyway. The main reason for the 4550 is that it is very low power and fanless option. If you can fit the 4830 and sub 50 pounds is your budget, you wont do better
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