ATI HD4850 HDMI Audio?

    hello iv got a XFX HD 4850 & im trying 2 enable audio through hdmi, it doesnt have a onboard hdmi slot, im using DVI>HDMI adapter and & HDMI cable (which iv been told works) im trying to plug it into my tv and get sound through it, it does have an onboard sound card but just cant get it 2 work.

    Iv also tried a DVI > HDMI cable without the adapter and still no luck


    Are you using an ATI DVI > HDMI adapter? As DVI doesn't normally carry audio, the ATI version of the adapter is slightly different to allow it to pass audio over the connection. If you are using it, do you have the ATI audio drivers installed and have you selected this audio output in your sound control panel?


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    Well my gfx card didnt come with a DVI > HDMI adapter so I brought one seperate, maybe this one doesnt carry audio which sux, but yeh the drivers are installed

    It has to be an ATI adapter, standard ones won't work as they don't carry audio over DVI.


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    ok thanks alot guys, its been buggin me, I even counted the pins on the dvi adapter to see if there was the same amount on a pic of the ATI dvi adapter (there was the same amount but guess I need an official one)

    Rep left guys, thanks.

    It's the same amount of pins but the ATI adapter is wired slightly differently to take advantage of some unused pins to carry the audio but as it's non-standard only an ATI one will do. I believe it's the same adapter for all cards so something like item 260621765126 on ebay *should* work although I haven't tried it myself.

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