ATI X300/X1300 PCI video card

Found 7th Nov 2006
Looking for a good deal on an ATI X300 or X1300 PCI video card. It's for an old computer so needs to be PCI, not the new PCI-Express ones. I've seen some around, but like £50+del.
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Wow, trickier than I thought. Every good price is typically on PCI-E

(e.g. Ebuyer - Radeon X300SE 128mb DDR PCI-Express DVI-I TV-Out - just over £30 with delivery...) I'll keep a look out
Teak haven't you even an AGP slot??? ..how old is the PC?
It's a relatives old computer circa 98, but one of those cheap intergrated gfx boards that lacked AGP. They don't want a new computer just yet, but do want better graphics.
Sounds like you need a new pc, better graphics means a better system to run them on im afraid.
its not an X300 or anything but this should make a little diffrence on an old pc
The "best" pci graphics card is a Fuzion (if you can find one).
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