Found 16th Aug 2008
I inserted my card in the atm machine, put in my pin and chose how much cash i wanted then it said that my card
has been retained and it didnt give it back! why is this? and what should I do now?

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usually retained when the back requests it. was your card out of date?

This sometimes happens when your card has expired

Original Poster

ohh i aint sure, thought it might have been

Or can happen if your overdrawn and your card issuer requests it to be retained.

Original Poster

i did have some money in it


This sometimes happens when your card has expired

Think about if you have used this card since 1st August? - if you have then i wont be because it has expired

Did you enter the wrong pin 3 times?

This happened to me a few months back, my card was years in date and money in the account. I rang my bank and they could not tell me why it happened but cancelled my card and sent me a new one, BUT it would take 10 days and they charged me £5 not even my fault.

are you sure you not been hit by fraud?? did the atm looked tampered with. Fradulent ppl have ways of amking atms act teh way they want and they probably had a camera about to get your pin make sure you cancel your card to be safe
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