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Hopefully someone can help.

I’m looking at buying an Atmos sound system for my living room (not particularly large). I’m looking at a central speaker and two either side of my TV, two rear speakers and either two or four ceiling speakers to give the wider surround sound feel in the room and the overhead sound for the truest possible atmos effect.

My question is in a small room is four ceiling speakers overkill and what speakers would you recommend. Ideally I’d like to keep the cost of ceiling speaker below £600 as I need to buy an AV system (probably Denon).

Thanks in advance.
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When I was looking at amps, the price difference between a decent 5.1.2 and 5.1.4 was rather large. Not sure it would be worth it in a small room. I went for the Denon 2400. Kept my Monitor Bronze 6 at the front, bronze 2 at the side and Bronze at the front. Haven't decided on which ceiling speakers to get just yet.
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Yeah, you really need to look into what setup you are planning to get as in ceiling is different from front and rear height speakers. Check out on youtube some of "techno dad" videos on atmos and other surround format setups.

Definitely check out
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Thanks MIDURIX, I hadn’t realised the price difference in AV systems for the 5.1.4 set up. I’m looking at the Denon AVRX3400 which is currently the same price as the AVRX2500H model at the moment in Richersound. So it’s two speakers, just need to decide on the speaker and a decent quality speaker cable to link it all.
I've just updated my amp and attached 4 speakers to the ceiling.
The room is relatively small, but 4 height speakers is better than 2 in my opinion.

I got 4 Wharfedale Modus Cube speakers from eBay.
Earlier I watched "Ready Player One" and it sounded and looked amazing.

A 7.1.4 setup would be ideal, if you bought the Denon 4400H and added an external amp to power 2 speakers from the setup.
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