AU to UK adapter

    I have a TV recorder bought in Australia but I am not able to use it in UK, I need a adapter.

    Here is one I THINK will work but can I get it from any offline store maybe for same price or cheaper ?…425?epid=553460192&hash=item33b5da2891:g:O5wAAOSwXj5XGbLt

    Many Thanks


    That will work but I would chop the plug off and put a uk one on it.

    That will work but is a very poor quality construction, intended as a disposable item for travelers who use it for a couple of weeks then throw it away.

    Better would be a dedicated adaptor that only supports a single country such as this one from Korjo.

    Sadly Korjo aren't available in the UK/Europe. If you know someone overseas see if they can get one and ship it to you.

    The Australian plug is the same type as New Zealand and China (including Hong Kong) so any dedicated convertor for these countries will be good.

    If you can't get a dedicated adaptor then do what Wadda says and chop off the Australian plug.

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    Change it for a UK plug and don't use a Chinese adapter if you require the appliance to be earthed. Chinese plugs are the same size as Aus, but live and neutral are reversed.
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