auction sites , but not ebay

hi peeps i was wondering if there are any sites out there that are similar to ebay and if so any chance you can tell me what they are called and what are your opinions of them???? many thanks :thumbsup:



There are a few, but only a few.

They are a lot smaller than ebay, ebay casts its great shadow over them. Like the bigger boy bullies at school, you wanted to be a bully but you had to bully the smaller kids.

what is wrong with eBay?

like Microsoft, it is the 'big' player and not much competition that offers the same user base.

Why are you looking for an alternative? eBay does have issues but following simple guidelines and playing safe can mean getting a bargain or 2

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there is nothing wrong with ebay !! i just want to explore other options :whistling:


what is wrong with eBay?

cos they earn too much frekkin money for doing feck all as it is. Saying that, i just bought something off ebay earlier



Has any 1 tryed ebid ?
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