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Found 11th Oct 2008
hi i have used Auctionsniper for ages but it hasnt been working properly for a couple of weeks now - does anyone know of another auction sniper site - probably shouldn't hav eput this here but i didn't know where else to ask you lovelies!!

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[url]www.justsnipe.com[/url] limited uses without subscription but i just use the allowance and it has always worked for me

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is this site safe


is this site safe

i have been using justsnipe for around 3 years and never a problem..

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thankyou so much I will give them a try - cheers!!!

I use AuctionSentry ]auctionsentry.com/ and have found it to be great, it's won me a fair few auctions. It's not free though, a 12 month license is around £7.

A friend of mine uses Jbid: jbidwatcher.com/ its free too and definately works!! :thumbsup:

Be fair and dont snipe thats the best way
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