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    what is a good website to sell things on other than ebay?
    on which site do you think i would have a high chance of actually selling something?


    Theres no competition im afraid. Nowhere is guaranteed other than ebay. Although i use gumtree as a back up. Also owned by ebay!

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    thing is i was checking ebay to see if there were bids on products similar to mine but there were very few bids (if not, no bids)

    if they aren't selling on ebay they probably aren't going to sell anywhere.

    Try selling on here.

    There are none really.

    Best off trying on here or somewhere like Av forums

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    checked the running ones.
    shouldv'e checked the finished the really.
    i don't know if anyone would want it on here, i made a seperate thread asking if anyone would want figures but that got 2 comments i think from other posters...

    Sell on ebay with international shipping inc usa


    state what you have to sell here and see if get interest, then if you do wait 7 days ( as per rules ) then make a thread and message the members interested or reserve for them.

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    thing is, i knida did that here...…19/
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