Auctions in the Bristol / Newport / Birmingham Area?

    I've just heard from some people of these bankrupt stock clearance auctions - I'm not quite sure where they are in bristol but I know of a handful auctions but their the car ones? i dont know whether they'd actually do bankrupt stock?

    Just wondering if anyone actually knows whereabouts any are? and if they find anything good at them...and well point me in the right direction as I wanted to go have a look! =]



    Beware, there are lots of websites that appear to give you details about local auctions but want money first. I wanted to go occasionally so not worth it for me but if you wanted to spend a lot more time on it, could be worth it. Not tried them but then again, seems difficult to get accurate info otherwise.

    Hopefully somebody else has more info.

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    The Bristol one does a small amount of bankrupt stock but it always … The Bristol one does a small amount of bankrupt stock but it always fetches a good price if its worth having

    Awesome, I found it on google, but i wasn't sure!

    Might check it out this week

    Cheers dude
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