auctiva ????

    Just gone to use this for the first time in months and it has gone to fee based. I went for the no fee plan and it won't even seem to let me list. Can anyone please explain what has changed and do I need to pay to be able to list with it - what does the free plan let me do if it won't let me list? Thank you


    Have you tried biggerbids, i have been using them for a couple of years, excellent templates and so simple to use, you can go for the no fee plan and you get 5 free listings, or for $8.95 a month (paypal) its unlimited,

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    Thanks. does it allow you to list the extra photos for free?


    Thanks. does it allow you to list the extra photos for free?

    Yes, you can enter up to 12 pictures per listing for free, as they are hosted on their server, so as the gallery pic is free in ebay you get 13 pictures in total per listing for free:thumbsup:

    Let me know if you need a hand with them, listing etc


    Thanks. does it allow you to list the extra photos for free?

    On eBay in certain categories like the clothes,you can have some free pics,not just the 1st pic like it used to be.

    For any extra pics I want that eBay will charge for,I just use photobucket,upload in there and then copy and paste into the eBay description,all free.

    Note: eBay-hosted pictures and Picture Pack are free for all listing formats and durations in the following categories: Clothes, Shoes & Accessories and Home & Garden.

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    Thanks to both the posters.

    I am listing clothing - any idea where it tells you how many free photos you get?

    Like the idea of the photobucket link - do you know would this work for too - I am getting in a right pickel with all the different hosting sites - I am not very technical,

    Good news! Gallery Picture is free. Add a picture and we'll show your item to buyers in search results.

    Gallery Plus (free)

    Display a large picture in search results — capture special details or different views for buyers.

    Add pictures to make your items more successful and to take advantage of features like Gallery Picture, Gallery Plus, and Gallery Featured.

    Add a valid URL above to use Gallery Plus.

    Picture Pack (free)

    Get a discount on Supersize and extra pictures.

    Supersize (free)

    Display extra-large pictures

    eBay picture services is free upto 12 pics for Clothing items,the upgrades like enlargements are all free so tick those boxes when you upload your pics via eBay.

    I never used the pic hosting site you mentioned but think it might work in similar way.

    there link for photobucket anyway,it's free to join,just upload your pic up,then click on it in your album,copy and paste into you listing when you listing an item that eBay charge extra for additional pics.

    i always used to use auctiva as it was free but then changed to sellersourcebook you pay a small fee but can list as much as you want per month
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