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    Sure I'm missing something here, but can anyone help??/ In process of uploading LP's onto usb turntable, and using Audacity Software. I want to split the tracks, but don't seem to be making a very good job... well haven't managed it at all! Anyone got a "blondes" guide to how to split them into seperate tracks? Cheers, Niki
    PS No offence to any blondes


    what do you mean by splitting them? what are you trying to do?

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    what do you mean by splitting them? what are you trying to do?

    When I have "recorded" an album, it says you are able to put a break between each track, so that you can skip forward to the next track when playing the CD. (hope this makes sense) I have downloaded the albums onto a CD, but now I want to put the breaks in before I burn onto a CD. Can you help??? Thanks, Niki

    Just Record Each Track individualy or in Audacity you need to make the wave form of the track small and then you can see the gap between each song. Then select that song cut then click on file, select new then paste in the new window of audacity. Then save to mp3 and thats that.:thumbsup:

    A friend of mine had the same problem with his turntable . It was one of those types that record directly to a pen/flash drive converting the played music straight to mp3 format 'on the fly ' .CD's and single's were fine but LP's were recorded as one long mp3 .I game him mp3 splitter [I think Audacity does the same thing ] and it's taking him no time to split the long tracks into separate mp3 files. He 's not PC literate either and strugles with the basics , but he say's this software is excellent . Mp3 Splitter is also a freeby .
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