Audi 170bhp DPF question

Im considering a Audi 170bhp, DPF model.

i do around 15k per year and 12-13k is city driving. Should I avoid?


Might have some issues with condensation building up inside the filter as you are not doing long distances giving the exhaust chance to heat up, but its 6 of one half dozen of another to be fair

I have a SEAT Leon FR with the same engine. I do less miles than you (around 11k) and all of mine is city driving.

Never had any problem with the DPF (although you can tell when its cleaning itself, runs lumpy for about 10 mins ish).

Go for it

I have a Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti with DPF, drove for 2 months (approx 1800 miles) and the filter is blocked solid. Vauxhall were unable to re-gen.
Car has now been off the road for 4 months, and court case against the dealer is in action.
Vauxhall quoted £2000 to replace the filter!
As you have an Audi, Im guessing it would be much more if the same were to happen!

Is it a used or new you're buying? If the latter, you should be fine...if used...I wouldn't...
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