Audi A3 stereo playing cd at random?

Found 3rd Jul 2015
So just bought an Audi which has the standard stereo in it. I put a cd in it and it plays the cd at random as opposed to starting from track 1. Anyone have any ideas? Also, does anyone know how much it would be to get an ipod/mp3 connection fitted. Thanks!
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whats the make of cd player as they will be different options and specs. also the audio manual is normally in the glovebox
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Shuffle selected??
Ill need to check again. i could have sworn i didnt select anything or seen anything about it
Turn 'Shuffle' off.
Around £40 to £60 to get them AUX cable fitted.
Try another cd. you must have shuffle on which shows you a few lines of a song
Is it a Tom Jones CD? If so, it's not unusual.
It seems to be a known issue with audi inbuilt stereos fixes include updating the firmware depending on model ,and age of car
could you upload a pic of your unit?
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