Audi A3 Window doesn’t go up, auto close/open feature broken

Posted 5th Jan 2023
Can this be related? Just parked at my local garage today for mot. Later went home and just figured out that the window behind driver seat has stopped working/doesn’t go up anymore. Interestingly my car’s window close/open feature with car keys has stopped working as-well. I’m bit confused
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    Is it a 4 door? Can you make the window go up and down via the door itself?
    Also does it not work from the front and have you checked you haven't knocked the button or switch to disable the back windows

    There's a child lock button under the driver side window buttons they may have pressed, stopping the rear windows from working. The child lock button locks the rear window buttons and prevents the door from being accidentally opened if kids are sat in the back.

    Could possibly be this. However, I'm not sure why your auto close wouldn't be working? (edited)
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    Needs to be able to close the window to reset, then should be as simple as below, but this doesn't fix the currently stuck window. And agreed, if one window is faulty then the full close using remote key fob is likely not going to work as will need the below reset doing first

    All windows down to fully open and hold the button down for an extra couple seconds

    Then windows all the way up and hold the button for a few extra seconds.

    To make it clear, press and hold down or up all the way down and keep holding. Don't use one touch up/down (edited)
    Tried it but didn’t work, will have to take to a local garage tomorrow
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    Not sure it helps but I do remember something on a 2011 audi which had a similar issue after window was jammed due to ice and the convenience open/close no longer worked and auto close stopped. And it needed reset the process was to roll down and back up each window in turn (not all at same time) to reset the pinch safety feature.
    The window not going up could be faulty motor but you could get it scanned to check for faults or it's it's getting jammed and rolling back down e.g. the aperture seal isn't in right.
    Yes thanks for the comments ill need to get it checked by an electrician tomorrow
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    You need to reset it using window switches inside the car. I can't remember off the top of my head but unless Google search doesn't help you I will update it later.
    Tried it but doesn’t work as my window doesn’t go down completely or go up even halfway
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    Did you drive from the garage with the window open?

    I don't think it'll really relate to the MOT as it's not a testable part.
    No it was closed
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    On my Mercedes, the window would come up and then come back down. Found there was a sequence to reset the windows which solved the issue.

    Maybe Audi has something similar?
    There is one but didn’t work for me
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    If you are anywhere near to Bolton Greater Manchester I will put it on my scanner and tell you the problem.
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    If there is any resistance when trying to use the window then it will cut out. I.e. the glass has moved out of position. Or maybe you’re battery voltage is low, which could stop windows from operating to save power for more importantly starting and running the car.
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