Posted 10th Jul 2021
Evening everyone. I'm currently having a problem with airbag warning light on my A6 (6 years old). it came on 2 weeks ago and I took it to the main dealership. They reset the light citing it a sporadic fault and if it were to come back again, it may need a new passenger side airbag igniter. The fault came back on three days later and is there all the time. Took it to the dealership again and they said they still can't exactly locate the fault but it's related to the airbag igniter on the passenger side and the airbag will need to be replaced. The price they have quoted me is over £1.5k and I can't say I'm overly happy about it since I feel it could be a loose connection or another issue with the wiring. I have looked online and could only find a very limited information and it wasn't of much help.
I wonder if anyone has any experience of this sort or can offer any advice? Thanks
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